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Two Black Kids Beat One White Kid While Others Just Watch

If this was child what would you do?

The Drudge Report introduced this story racially tinged. The fact of the matter is two blacks kids were caught on tape beating a white kid, but I don’t know if race was the motivation considering there were several other white kids on the bus who watched and did nothing to save the poor kid. I am so ashamed that kids found this humorous, and when it gets out of control two black boys step in to protect the white kid.

This all started when the new kid (white) needed to find a seat on the bus, and no one would allow the kid to sit next to them, so he took the first available seat, so he thought. Seconds after sitting down, a black boy next to him began pushing him and eventually hitting him in the face. Watch as the kids go wild as if they’re at fight club, and watch as two black boys decide to step in and stop the fiasco…

If this is your child you should be ashamed, and you may need to be arrested right along with him. I don’t think race was the motivation, but it doesn’t matter because it’s wrong in every shape and form. What are people teaching their kids, today? Honestly!

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