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Part 2: The “True” Story Behind BET Reality Show Tiny & Toya

If you haven’t read Part One of this story you can find it here. In summary, Joy Bounds the ex-fiance of Lyfe Jennings was kicked off her reality show by Antonia Carter, a dear friend she trusted. Joy Bounds vision became the foundation for the Tinya & Toya Show.

UPDATE: I just received this photo via Twitter as proof of their alliance. It looks like Joy may have a point.


[Source: Rob Ector]

Note: I am reaching out to Toya’s camp to get an official statement. This is just one side, once convincing side.

In part one, we first heard from a friend close to Joy Bounds. Now Joy Bounds is speaking out! She wants to clear up some of the rumors from the last story, and let you know why this is important to her. Joy is not out to seek revenge, but she just wants to set the record straight. After all, she feels like something has been taken from her, from somebody she loved, and it hurts. Please don’t get it twisted, this is a matter of heart for Joy because it means the destruction of friendships. Friendships that she deeply valued.

So In her own words, Ms. Joy Bounds is here to set the record straight:


I am happy to leave this matter up to the legal process and God. However, with the recent blogs and the emails I’ve received, I realize it’s important that I say something. I don’t want young ladies to think its cool to be disloyal or strive to become a “baby mama“. First, I’d never advise anyone to have a child out of wedlock I don’t care who the daddy is.

Second; hardwork, honesty, loyalty and respect are the keys to success. They will take you further than the opposite.

Yes I created a reality show and yes I reached out to Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Christine White to do the show. At that point, Toya Carter was already my friend so naturally I approached her first. The show I created was not a frivolous “baby mama” show, rather a chance to redefine that image through a reality show on our lives then spin off to a late night talk show. I’m disappointed to see my vision turned into the stereotype.

Even though I was urged by advisors to have a contract in place, I went against my better judgment trusting that my “friends” word was bond. It wasn’t. We had 2 deals on the table, interest from 4 networks, a promotional photo shoot, a top notch attorney, a company together and I had just left a meeting when I got a call from Toya saying she no longer wanted to do the show because of Kandi Burruss who replaced Christine after she and Toya bumped heads. In the meeting Toya seemed like a totally different person than the friend I knew and loved. She even insulted Kandi in front of the executive we were meeting with. The next week Toya’s “scene” made sense when I got a call from Tiny telling me that she and Toya were doing the show alone.

Kandi contacted the producer to ask what happened. He let her know that Toya had called him asking that he do the show with just her. He requested Tiny. Mind you, this is the same producer I fell out with when he tried to persuade us to negotiate our deal over shots of Patron at his hotel.

Toya was indeed in a “courtship” with this producer’s friend and based on some things she spat out at the meeting, I believe he was in her ear for his and the producer’s interest.

I will continue to pursue the “created by” credit I deserve on “The Tiny & Toya Show” as it is the same concept I created minus me, Christine or Kandi as well as the intelligent balance we bring. For the record, my credit request was made before the show aired so no, I didn’t decide to sue based on ratings.

Everything happens for a reason and I’m happy to have learned the truth about my circle before I invested anymore love, time and money. I’m not mad at anybody. I am mostly disappointed that we failed to stick together and broadcast a positive representation of black women on television.

I’m grateful God has used this hurtful situation to teach me and bless me.

Joy Bounds

I just recieved this photo via Twitter, and it just adds fuel to fire.

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