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MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) Red Carpet: Kanye & Amber Rose Disappoints

The saddest thing about last night is that I now see both Kanye West and Amber Rose in a new light. I lost two things last night, my respect for Kanye West and my girl crush on Amber Rose. I didn’t lose my respect for Kanye becuase he stole a precious moment from a teen, Taylor Swift.

I lost my respect for Kanye West because he was walking around trying to be something he’s not. I don’t know what was up with the Hennessey bottle, but honestly Kanye you were trying too hard, but you’re not hard. Yes, you have a hood past, but you are not hood. Your mom was a well educated woman who made sure you had a lifestyle of literature and  liberal arts, and you are doing a disservice to her and yourself. That’s why people like you because you were a breath of fresh air in a medium dominated by the negative side of urban life, and now you, too want to idolize that lifestyle…


Poor Amber, she just look like an accessory the whole night. It wasn’t just the fact that she wore a python body suit, well that had a lot to do with it, but it was more so how she was presented. I don’t like when men pimp out their women, it’s not attractive look for the woman. In all the pictures she’s hanging on him, or he’s in the background staring at her as she shows off her body. That python suit just wasn’t working at all on some many levels. I am not walking the red carpet competing with a Hennessey bottle no matter what my  background is.




Anyway last night turned into a Kanye and Amber Rose night, but not in a good way. But, hey if publicity is what they wanted, they certainly got it… There were other people present, and you can check out the gallery below :

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