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Mom Of Chris Brown’s Friend Speaks Out On Breezy’s Non-Violent Past; Chris Brown Missing Rihanna

Lonely heart is what Chris Brown is suffering. Last night on his twitter page (mechanicaldummy) he spoke of feeling incomplete and created linked to a video featuring him and Rihanna during their better days:

MY HEART IS INCOMPLETE… the part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family… God. But I’m missing someone or something. Sorry all, just one of those days.

Chris Brown however is very upset that his statement made it’s way onto the blogs and has deleted it. What did he expect? Twitter is a public forum, not a private one, I hope he understands that…




Anyway, I don’t know what makes men snap and just decide to up and smack a woman. In other words I don’t know why Chris Brown turned violent that awful night in February, but I will tell you that there is nothing in his past relationships that shows a history of violence. I received a message from a woman who knows Chris Brown well because he talked to her daughter, and they still remain friends. The mother had this to say about C Breezy:

MGV, I’ve known Chris for a minute. He was sweet when he was talking to my daughter and they are still good friends. Don’t know what happened. The pic of him and my daughter is when we were all in Atlanta.


But in all honesty, Chris is a sweet guy, just made a terrible mistake as we all do. Well hey, he was a sweet dude when he was talking to my daughter…don’t know what happened that night.

I was given permission to print this picture only if I promised to not show her daughter’s face. Her daughter is in the industry as a model/actress. In case you are wondering, she did not send the text that night. I’m on a mission to find out who really sent that text.

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