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Janet Opens Up In The Latest Issue Of Harper’s Bazaar


Janet Jackson seems poised and well put together on the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, but what she didn’t know was that her world would come tumbling down in a few short months. Her 5 year relationship with producer and music exec Jermaine Dupri ended, a stalling music career and the death of her brother Michael seemed a little too much to bare.

Janet sits down with Harper’s Bazaar to discuss new beginnings, life lessons learned and her fondest memories of Mike.

Here are a few excerpts of her interview.

The last time Janet saw Michael was on May 14, two days before her 43rd birthday. She and her big brother hung out, ate Thai food, and tormented each other. “We had so much fun that day. We kept calling each other after and saying how great it was.”

Now Janet sits atop an empire and a family mythology much of her own making and under her control, an iconic performer mourning her brother and planning what’s next. “You know, I never look back on what I’ve done unless I’m asked,” she says, “but I remember Mike saying, ‘You need to stop and enjoy it. Think about everything you’ve done, all that you’ve accomplished.’

“But there’s so much more I want to do,” she adds. And the smile breaks out again.

For more of Janet’s photo spread and interview, CLICK

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