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Is Tila Tequila Spreading Lies? Did Shawne Merriman Assault Tila?

When I first heard this story, I didn’t think it would grow any legs. I didn’t think people really cared what Tila Tequila had to say, but I guess since it was a domestic violence allegation people decided to listen. When this girl keeps spreading lies on twitter, it’s time to get her twitter account shut down for misrepresentation. Shawne Merriman claims he did not assault Tila Nguyen, he was just trying to stop her from driving drunk. Tila “Tequila” responded on twiiter, that she’s allergic to alcohol. Hmmmm….


Evidence #1: According to the bartender that night:

James Brennan, the owner of the Stingaree nightclub, said several of his employees told him she drank several shots of tequila and sipped a bottle of vodka.

“She wasn’t like falling down or anything of that nature, but she was visibly intoxicated,” Brennan told the AP.

“It sounds like she’s allergic to the truth.”

Evidence #2: According to Tila’s twitter page, she was intoxicated:


If her defense is she wasn’t drinking because she’s allergic to drinking, then she turns around and tweets I’m drunk and throwed, that just sounds suspect to me. What’s more suspect is that those tweets have magically been deleted. Now there are allegations of steroid use. Apparently, there are missing tweets that implies Shawne Merriman’s allege steroids use may have lead to the abuse that night.

Thank God for twitpic, MissJia has the missing tweets. If tila tequila doesn’t have anything to hide, why does she keep deleting tweets. Anyway click here to read about the steroid allegations.


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