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In Defense Of Kanye West Ex-Fiance, Alexis Phifer

It must be hard leaving a high profile relationship, just to be replaced with someone that was a stripper. That doesn’t mean being a reformed stripper is bad (no judgment passed), but I’m sure it’s a blow to any woman’s ego if it happens. Pictures of Kanye’s ex-fiance, Alexis Phifer, have been surfing the internet. In these pictures she does look like she’s struggling to find her style and life after Kanye West. I am going to take the other side and defend her. It’s hard to defend her because she is a “designer”, but this is her first appearance since Kanye, and it was brave of her to step into the limelight after such a high profile break-up. It just may take some more time, to get her swag back.

CocoBella of Cool Cruel World has called foul on the play:

i dunno girl, she gets no pass from me. She left ‘Ye right when his mom dies, and his swag is just fine. She needs a clue!


Can you imagine trying to get over an ex, who was probably cheating on you with his new girlfriend. You just may have an attitude of I don’t care. I am getting several tweets saying there is no excuse for the way Alexis was looking. Anyway, Amber Rose was out doing fashion week, too, and I must say she was looking quite stunning in all black, a far cry from that VMA python look…


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