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Daily Archives: 2009/09/08

Queen Latifah In The National Enquirer Exposed As A Lesbian

This article is funny because it doesn’t provide any proof that Queen Latifah was at a wild all girl party with strippers. In fact, this looks like a girls night in with women being silly at the end (if men ...

Photos Of Toya & James Hardy

All I can say is that I’m not mad at you. I know Toya loved her some Lil Wayne, but whoa, can we say Mr. James Hardy is an upgrade. All I can say is I’m not mad at you, ...

My, Look How Much Kyla Pratt Has Grown Up!

Actress Kyla Pratt celebrated her 23rd birthday at The Geisha House in LA over the weekend. She has grown up so much, I remember her as the little girl from Love & Basketball & the sitcom One on One!

Is Tila Tequila Spreading Lies? Did Shawne Merriman Assault Tila?

When I first heard this story, I didn’t think it would grow any legs. I didn’t think people really cared what Tila Tequila had to say, but I guess since it was a domestic violence allegation people decided to listen. ...