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Tameka Foster Raymon Plagiarized Dark Skin Article

I would not be surprised if it’s true, every thing that’s done in the dark will come to light, no pun intended. According to AOL Blackvoices, Aisha Curry, the author of Pretty for a Black Girl, claims Tameka Foster lifted parts of her book without credit when writing an article on skin color for Huffington Post. Coincidentally, Tameka Foster’s article was entitled, “Pretty For a Dark Skinned Girl.” Curry admits that there may be a chance that Foster hasn’t read the book, but she believes that chance is slim to none:

“I cannot and will not say she stole my idea, because you never should assume. However, I will say that It seemed like one heck of a coincidence and everything I touched on she did,” Curry offered, before adding, “I just want other people to know that you don’t have to sit around and do nothing when you feel wronged.”

Incidentally, Curry shared that she had sent her book to an Atlanta-based foundation more than a month ago, so the timing of Foster’s story is eerily coincidental.

Surely Curry and Foster are not the first to touch on this topic, and I’m not sure why all the praise. Just read the comments in many of your favorite blogs and you can see this topic is hot. I commend each one for writing about dark vs light skin, but neither have the monopoly on it, and everyone has a similar story.

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