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UPDATE: A reader left this comment regarding the pictures of Chris Brown spray painting:

that graffiti pic is him painting his basement. he has lots of graffiti he’s done himself on display there. (LeaveCBAlone)

I just received some pictures of Chris Brown from Radar Online with the caption, “Yes It’s Against the Law”. In the two e-mails I received, it sounds like they are trying to get Chris Brown into more trouble. The first picture is Chris Brown tagging a building, or in other words vandalizing a building with graffiti, which is a misdemeanor offense. Considering these pictures are from February, I’m not sure how they are newsworthy now, or why it’s so shocking. It’s not like he was caught with a crack pipe.


The second picture is Chris Brown partying after Rihanna’s sentencing. News flash: Chris Brown has been partying all along. This new report of past abuse is the same information from February, and we have yet to hear Chris Brown’s side; not that it would make a difference or justify him beating Rihanna. But, there is a lot judgment being passed without knowing all the facts. Unfortunately for Chris Brown, the blogs of public opinion are gunning for you…



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