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President Obama As The Joker Or President Obama In Black-Face

I know racism when I see it, and all those people trying to act like this is just the President as the joker, or missing a larger subliminal message. This is a play on black-face, and I don’t understand why the outrage is on the right, when the outrage should be amongst people with common sense that don’t believe in racism as the future for America. I am angry, and I am tired of the bull crap that has been leveled at this President because of his race. As a Christian, I do not understand the hate coming from Christian conservatives, and I’m starting to wonder about the spirit driving this movement. This is bigger than Jena 6, and no one is outraged. This is not socialism, this is hate, this is racism and I never thought I would see it at this level during my life time. What are we going to do about it?



Where is the genuine outrage?

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