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Oprah & Jay-Z; Vanessa Simmons Turns 26; Halle Berry Out; Solange & Beyonce In Japan

I wonder what Jaime Foxx has to say about Oprah & Jay-Z kicking it in Brooklyn. I think they make a cute couple, if nothing else a rich one, ha ha ha. Let me stop for someone thinks I’m serious. Anyway, the rap mogul took Oprah Winfrey on a childhood tour which included stops to his grandma’s house at Lexington and Lewis Avenue, as well as infamous the Marcy Projects where he was raised.



The beautiful Vanessa Simmons celebrated her 26th birthday at Su Casa, and by her side is best friend/sister Angela Simmons. Maybe Necole Bitchie was right, maybe it was just the dress that made Angela seem too thin. She’s definitely slimmed down, but looks healthier here.  There were also reports that Angela Simmons seemed somber, but she looks happy and beautiful here.



Halle Berry was seen walking the streets of Century City, CA looking beautiful. She’s not camera shy at all. She is very friendly with the paparzzi, as long as they don’t mess with her child, but that’s just being a good mom.



The Sisters Knowles were spotted in Japan. Solange Knowles was rocking her new hair style in Japan promoting the Samantha Thavasa & Disney Handbag Collection at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. This almost looks like a Derek Blanks alter ego photo of Beyonce.  I would love to see Beyonce Knowles bald, or just with her natural hair more often. Anyway the two women look great in their own right.






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