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Michael Jackson Death Ruled A Homocide By Coroner – Autopsy Released

Michael Jackson died from a lethal dose of propofol according the autopsy report released today in court filings. Click here, to read the entire case report, which includes search warrants, affidavit, and statements from the medical examiner. This finding will allow the district attorney to file charges of manslaughter against Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before the charges are released. Even if Jackson was an addict, doctors take oath to serve and save lives, and Dr. Murray chose money over ethics.

In the affidavit, Dr. Murray explains that Jackson was already addicted to the drug propofol, and Dr. Murray was simply trying wean him from the drug. He explains that Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest while he was in the rest room, and when he returned he immediately performed CPR. However, it took him 47 minutes to call 911, after reviving Jackson proved unsucessful.


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