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Laurie Ann Gibson Of ‘Making The Band’ Reveals ” I Saw Danity Kane Break Up Coming”


Speaking with Neon Limelight by phone on Saturday (August 8), Laurie Ann clued us in to how she reacted to the break up and why is wasn’t a very surprising turn of events.

“Absolutely I saw [the split] coming from very early on,” Laurie Ann told us. “It’s a shame because knowing who those girls ultimately are, their hearts and their gifts, they’re amazing girls.”

“They’re enormously talented, but when you choose the hype train, or when you choose what this business creates — the facade of what we do in the editing room or what they do in the studio — you have to maintain your humility and a gratefulness to the opportunity so that you can stay grounded.”

DK’s split was largely blame on Aubrey O’Day’s infatuation with the limelight. When she was dismissed from the group by Diddy, he told her she wasn’t the same girl he signed and the direction she was going in image-wise, was not what he had planned for Danity Kane.

Laurie Ann wouldn’t place blame on any one member, but addressed the lack of focus as a group issue, saying: “I really believe that change happened very quickly for them and they lost their grounding.”

She says the apparent chemistry many fans saw in the beginning was something she helped create. “You don’t get that with five strangers [without] a lot of work.That just doesn’t happen. So their choice not to not tell the honest truth or not be humble to the process [left them with] nothing to stand on because it was will being worked.

“They weren’t born together. They weren’t sisters. They’re not Destiny’s Child or En Vogue, but they had something that was really unique and that was a gift.”

Lorrie Ann even went on to say she didn’t know the fate of Day 26 or if they would last.

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I question her motive for coming out and talking about this now. Does she have a project she’s currently working on or something?

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