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Kandi Burruss of ‘The Housewives of Atlanta’ series may not be becoming a house wife any time soon. She recently revealed to E online! that things with  fiance A.J. Jewell may not be going so well.

Will we see your wedding on camera?

No, uh-uh, it didn’t get that far. You will see us trying to plan, but you will see a lot of the problems and the different issues that are going on.

Have you set a date?

We haven’t set a date, and I’m just going to be real with you: We have been having serious issues. My drama has been ongoing since the taping has stopped. We just got engaged right before the taping of the show. So things that I would have to deal with or things I would have to learn about, I had to learn about and deal with it while the cameras were there, which makes things even more tense, you know what I mean?

Of course, but are you still together?

Um, we are dealing with things, but that’s about as far as I can go.

Well, the guy has 6 kids and her mama don’t seem to like him very much, so this is not surprising at all. I wish them all the best though.

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