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Chris Brown has been very busy, and one minute we have rumors that he’s sneaking around with Rihanna and the next we see him kicking it with video ‘models’. All I do know is that Chris Brown has been one busy boy, and his publicist is going into over drive keeping him in the light. My aunt and I were talking about this subject this past weekend, and we are convinced that women love bad boys. Why else are they so willing to get next to him after all the drama? After all they don’t know what really happened. Chris Brown better chill before he gets another stiletto to the dome!

Anyway, here are pics of Mr. LL Chris Brown at Skateland enjoying the company of a few video ‘models’, Brittany Dailey to be more specific.


[This is the before picture when everyone was looking nice]



[This is the after picture, and since Nelly was also at the skating rink, it looks like it got a little hot]

Chris Brown

[Pictures of Chris Brown shopping on Melrose]

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

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