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Birther Leader Orly Taitz Claims She’s Found Obama’s Birth Certificate From Kenya – Forgery

Let me tell you what’s crazy about the person leading the “birther” movement against Barack Obama, Orly Taitz isn’t a natural born citizen.  You heard me right, the leader of this conservative fringe movement now known as the “birthers” is in fact not a natural born citizen of the United States. My side hurts from laughing at all the irony.

Now to make things more comical, Orly Taitz now claims to have proof the Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and has published photos of this birth certificate:


Now that this document has been analyzed, and it has been proven a fake. Yes, even Karl Rove, says it forgery, and at this point, I ‘m ready to pursue charges against Orly. She needs to be sent back to Israel because she is making a mockery of our legal system, while at same time magnifying the “birther” movement. I think we need to start a new movement demanding to see Miss Orly Taitz legal papers from all the countries she’s from.

Anyway to see how this birth certificate was proven as  a phony and fake, and as forgery and farud, click here.

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