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Big Poppa (Papa) Revealed: TMZ Has Photos Of Kim & Lee Najjar (Big Poppa)

I’m not sure how this story got by me, but TMZ claims to have found the real Big Poppa, Lee Najjar. You know the mysterious married or not married man from The Real Atlanta Housewives (the show where only two of the characters are actually married). I have a hard time believing this is Kim Zolciak in this picture because her wig actually looks good from this angle (claps hands). Big Poppa is that really you?


What I do know is that Big Poppa is super rich, check out his home on MTV Crib’s Teen Edition. He is a real estate mogul and I’m wondering what kind weight he also moves with these properties. Anyway, I guess this video also answers the question about Big Poppa’s infidelity. YES! It looks like he’s definitely married; we get to meet his wife and kids on this episode of Cribs. Apparently, he has an understanding with his wife, as long as he takes care home, he can play with his Barbies!



[That’s Big Poppa with his family]

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