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(Photos) Steve McNair Found Dead; Murdered By Girlfriend Sahel Kazemi; Photo Mechelle McNair

UPDATE: NASHVILLE, Tenn. – News Channel 5 has learned that Metro police received an initial report from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that appears to confirm theories of a murder-suicide in the deaths of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair and girlfriend Sahel Kazemi. [Source]

UPDATE: The pistol found at the scene was purchased by the Sahel Kazemi two nights before the shooting. It was her gun.

UPDATE: CNN just said Sahel Kazemi is also a “known stripper”. (I think they meant waitress, but they said stripper.

Did Steve McNair leave his wife, Mechelle McNair, for Sahel Kazemi? Was Steve McNair leaving Sahel Kazemi to go back to his wife and family? Was this a case of,  “If I can’t have you no one else will?

First off this is a tragic situation, and we respect Steve McNair both in life and in death. With that said and done, it just goes to show, all people not just Michael Jackson, are a complex mix of good and bad. Overall Steve McNair was a great person with great accomplishments, but his untimely death comes with a tabloid ending. {Keep Reading}


[Photo Credit: TMZ]

Steve McNair, a married man, was found dead in a condo he shared with Wayne Neeley, a friend. McNair was found with multiple gunshots, including one to the head. His “girlfriend”, Sahel Kazemi, a 20 year old waitress, was just feet away from him with a single gunshot to the head. A gun was recovered at the scene, but authorities do not “know” at this time how it fits into the larger picture. Their best theory is that a murder/suicide took place.

This is where the story gets complicated. Steve McNair was a married man, and Sahel Kazemi, was a waitress at David & Buster, where his family frequented. Apparently, the two met at this restaurant, and she became his mistress for lack of a better word. A few days ago, Sahel Kazemi was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving in a SUV registered to both she and McNair, where she claimed she wasn’t drunk, but high. Before the shooting took place on July 4th, witnesses saw McNair enter the condo at 1:30 AM, shortly after Sahel Kazemi. A friend called a friend, who called the police.

Since Steve McNair is the one with multiple gunshot wounds, it’s safe to say that Kazemi killed him, and then turned the gun on herself. Does she look like a killer?


[Sahel Kazemi is of Persian/Iranian descent]

I’ve gotten several request for a photo of Mechelle McNair. I can’t verify this picture, yet. But, this is what I’ve found. More photos to follow soon.

UPDATE: This is even more sad, reports from NY Daily News claims  Mechelle McNair was not aware of her husband’s affair before his murder. I was under the impression that she knew, considering he had another home — a condo he shared with a friend, Wayne Neeley.

She’s blindsided by this,” one source said of Mechelle McNair, who was holed up in her family’s home just 6 miles from the condo her husband used to bed his mistress. “She’s crushed. Her whole world is shattered.”


Mcnair Killed Football


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