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Setting The Record Straight: NeNe Leakes & Kandi Fight On Radio

The season premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta took place last night, and there is no better place to watch it than with your fellow bloggers on twitter. Anyway, before the show aired, NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss got into a shouting match live on the radio. I am Team NeNe all the way, right or wrong.

So during the shouting match (mostly NeNe yelling), Kandi accused NeNe of calling fellow cast mate, Kim  Zolciak, a stripper in her new tell all memoir. Kandi then said she didn’t read this rumor online on the blogs, but that she read an excerpt from pre-release copies of the book. Sorry, Kandi I have to call you out on this, because that rumor started with New York Daily News, and not the publisher of the book:

And while the book is about Leakes’ life, she’s also talking about her onscreen frenemy Kim Zolciak. In the tome, Leakes will reportedly out Zolciak’s past as an Atlantic City stripper who went by the name of Barbie. [Source]

So Kandi is just spreading rumors while claiming them as fact, and NeNe Leakes called the radio show to put Miss Kandi in her place. WARNING: This will get ugly toward the end.

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