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Rocsi & Gabrielle Union Party; Gabrielle Union & Lisa Raye Friends, Too

Anytime you say anything negative about Gabrielle Union she gets upset, and who wouldn’t, but that doesn’t stop people from having an opinion. I’m not going to touch on the  fact that she’s dating a married man, that’s her personal life, even if she brings it out in public.

I just wonder if celebrities women gossip, too. Is it hard being friends with two people that don’t get along. Say for instance, one of your friends was married to the Premier of  Turks and Caicos, and we will call that friend Lisa Raye. And At the Essence Festival you were seen kicking it with that friend. (How Cute!)


Now let’s say you have another friend name Rocsi, rumored to have caused the break-up between say Lisa Raye and said Premier of Turks & Caicos. Do you chose sides out of loyalty, or do you just stay impartial and dance?


After all it’s just rumors and there isn’t any actual proof that Rocsi was really behind the break-up of Lisa Raye’s marriage.


And speaking of breaking up marriages, or not…


{Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade}

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