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Rihanna Night On The Town In Classy Satin Black Jumper; Meagan Good At My House Club

This is bad journalism. I cannot tell you where she was going or what she was doing. The caption for this picture is simply, “Rihanna going out with friends”. Well she certainly looks classy doing it. I’m just watching Rihanna everyday, hoping to see  if she wears the same outfit twice. Do celebrities not have attachment to clothes? Do they not have a favorite pair of jeans, or is that just for people like me?

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[Photo Credit: Rihanna Daily]

Speaking of wearing thing twice, Meagan Good is a woman after my own heart, and I am not being sarcastic. She is Hollywood on a budget, and isn’t scared to wear the same shoes or leggings, again and again. Say what you will, but she probably has money in her savings account that will last her until her next film. Anyway, Meagan Good spotted at My House Club in Hollywood.



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