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Rihanna & Chris Brown Dining At Cipriani In NYC

Chris Brown and Rihanna are walking a fine line to make sure they keep their distance as mandated by the judge. Are these two just full of coincidences, or just maybe they are soul mates and are drawn to each other? However, this is the second incident in one week. Or maybe New York is just a small city? My theory is that it’s make for great publicity to be “together”, but not “together”, and they are walking that line of media buzz. Whatever the reasons, it’s working because everyone is talking about what’s going on with Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Last night Rihanna dined at Cipriani in NYC, and right outside the restaurant, Chris Brown was seen passing by the same restaurant in a black SUV.  I know things get blown out proportion, and he could have just been driving by, but I will leave that up to you to decide…




[I bet I know what Chris Brown is looking at…]

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