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PHOTOSHOP is my answer! I don’t think you can look at this picture and think for one moment that it’s not altered in the least bit. When I see this picture I see Chris Brown not kissing Amber Rose, but licking her cheek in some horror movie type of scene, or I see her cheek being sucked into his mouth like a vacuum cleaner. This just look like a bad scene from the movie Aliens, and yes Amber Rose hairstyle just helps that analogy.

Amber Rose released a statement regarding that night, and said those rumors were just lies, and I believe her. I think people want a story here, but there is none. Were the two flirting? Perhaps, but I don’t think they went and sneaked off into the dark, and not one person got a picture of it, but I have a whole video with Chris Brown dancing to a Micheal Jackson song. Maybe their camera phones ran out of batteries, or maybe they are just telling lies.


In case you need more proof, the person who made the above picture shows off their Photoshop skills by adding Kanye West into the mix:


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