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(Photo) Lauren London Reveals Baby Bump By Lil Wayne; Rumors Confirmed!

This is just an update to a story we posted two months ago. Before it was just rumors, and you know celebrities deny or lie at first, but then the truth is finally revealed. Laura London is indeed pregnant, so let’s check this one off as CONFIRMED!

You may read the original post here, but I also posted it below just as a reminder. Anyway, here is the money shot. Picture of Lauren London’s pregnant belly or baby bump. It looks to me like Miss Lauren is about 7 or 8 months. I wonder how far along is Nivea.



UPDATE: Say it’s not so, but now rumors are circulating that Nivea is also pregnant by Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is not playing, right now. He has gone into overdrive. This will make his 4th child, 3 of which will be less than a year apart, 2 of which are only months apart. Story is developing…

And now onto to Lauren London.


Rumor has it that actress Lauren London is now 5 months pregnant by rapper Lil’ Wayne. Although her reps have yet to confirm the pregnancy, Lauren has been M.I.A at red carpet events and hasn’t signed up for any movie roles pending the arrival of her first child.

Rumors were circulating a while back that Lauren and Lil’ Wayne were dating, but I thought that was disputed when it was announced that he was in fact dating The Dream’s ex and R&B singer  Nivea.

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