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Nas To Pay Kelis $30,000 In Alimony, $9,000 In Child Support

I think that video of Nas did more damage than not, or the judge reads blogs. According to People, Kelis was awarded nearly $40,000 a month by the judge hearing this case. I guess $350 and $2500 gift certificate was just not enough, Nas. Thanks TheyHadSaid for the link:

A day after Kelis gave birth to their son, rapper Nas was ordered by a Los Angeles judge Thursday to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife $40,000 in monthly support, court documents show.

For now, the “Milkshake” singer will receive $30,471 in spousal support per month, while the estranged couple’s son, Knight, will receive $9,027, according to court records.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Louis Meisinger also ordered Nas to pay $45,000 for Kelis’s attorney fees and other costs.


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