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Keyshia Debuts A New Tattoo!

Keyshia may have found love again! At the BET awards Keyshia debuted a new tattoo that reads “Truly Blessed, D. Gibson.” D. Gibson is the initial and last name of her NBA boyfriend Daniel “boobie” Gibson.


Bossip caught up with Keyshia behind the scenes at the award show and this is what she had to say.

Keyshia: “We love each other, so I figured, why not?”

Bossip: We responded with a… “Why Not?”

Keyshia: “I know exactly who you are, so please take it easy on Frankie…love the site!”

Bossip: We asked again… “Why Not?”

Keyshia: “We love each other” (and a very cute grin)

Bossip: we could do nothing but smile back… the girl is fine in person.

Happy that she has finally found love after the heartache she went through when she was younger. Especially after her public breakup with Young Jeezy. Stay Blessed Keyshia!


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