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Kanye Or Ne-Yo Anyone? Keri Hilson Can’t Seem To Choose


Overseas on tour promoting her album ‘In A Perfect World’, Keri Hilson was asked who she would prefer between Kanye and Ne-Yo. Here’s what Keri had to say, interesting….

“That’s hard because there are things I like about both. Ne-Yo is a gentlemen. For real- in real life. He’s sensitive and sweet and probably cuddly. He’s the guy you would pillow talk with. Kanye on the other hand, he would probably talk about himself a lot but he’s incredible swag. He’s very confident, has a great sense of style and makes incredible music- well both of them do. I don’t know. I probably would like a guy with a little bit more edge than Ne-Yo, so it might be leaning closer to Kanye, but I can take a lot more edge than Kanye.”

Kanye may have more swag, but if all he’s gonna do is talk about himself and be arrogant, I would choose Ne-Yo anyday. Despite recent news about Ne-Yo’s break down onstage, I would still go for the sentimental gentleman than someone with a huge Ego! Ladies help me out here.

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