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Death To PhotoShop: Jada Pinkett-Smith Covers Shape

Now, I love Jada, and so please do not take this negative, but Jay-Z needs to come out with a song called “Death To PhotoShop” because it’s giving us normal women some false hope.  Jada is in great shape, you can tell she works out and does whatever it takes to stay in shape and to stay tone. However, she’s a petit woman who had two children, and like some of us, she was left with lose skin and a few stretch marks on her tummy. Now, I know strech marks don’t sell magazines, but Shape Magazine is creating images of women that are just not real. I know Jada Pinkett-Smith likes to keep it 100, and is not ashamed of her body, but these magazines have other things in mind.


This is how Jada looks normally, and I am amazed that she has abs like this after having two children. In fact I am jealous that she has abs like this after having two children, so the PhotoShop on the cover of Shape Magazine is just not necessary. Jada is a beautiful woman, and Will is a happy man.


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