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Boxer Vernon Forrest Killed!


Atlanta police say former professional boxer Vernon “The Viper” Forrest was killed Saturday night when a robbery turned into a gunfire exchange.

The incident began at 11 p.m. at the Chevron on Whitehall Street in Southwest Atlanta when Forrest, 38, stopped to put air in the tires of his Jaguar, said Atlanta Police Detective Lt. Keith Meadows.

A male suspect approached Forrest and robbed him of a few items at gunpoint, he said. Forrest, who was also armed, then chased the suspect to an area near McDaniel and Fulton Streets.

Forrest was shot seven to eight times in the back, Meadows said. Meadows said there is evidence Forrest used his weapon but did not know if the suspect was shot.

Mr. Forrest was 38 years old.


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