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Angela Simmons Appears Too Thin At Russell Simmons Art For Life

First, I like to give special thanks to Cotten Kandi. I was out of town this weekend enjoying my family reunion in St. Louis, MO and during my absence she made sure the site was updated. Please check out her blog, and show her some love.

Honestly, I am concerned about Angela Simmons. I’ve seen these pictures circulating, and people made comments like,  “she’s just dieting,” or “she’s still dieting.” I think we have gone passed a step pass dieting into an area of concern.


Hollywood is hard and you have to fight everyday to love your curves. So many young women are falling victim to eating disorders and plastic surgery to fix things that aren’t broken, because the industry set standards that are unrealistic. I love the Simmons family, and from watching Angela Simmons on Run’s House, I really thought she was unique and had a strong sense of self, and I do not want her to fall into the trap. So I hope everything is alright, and that Reverend Run is staying on top his daughters, even if they are grown, because the industry is just not nice.


[Angela Simmons at the 10th Anniversary Art For Life Benefit hosted by Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation in the Hamptons.]

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