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Yami Tells Chris Brown Side Of The Story; Chris Brown Self-Defense

UPDATE: Sorry, you missed it. The video has been yanked.

Move over TMZ, TheYBF.com has the breaking stories on lock (I guess they were on twitter last night). I was on google trying to find out the court date for the Chris Rihanna Gate, and I cam across this video of a girl named Yami (pictured here), who’s friends with Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor.  According to Yami, Chris Brown was acting in self defense and she tells us Rihanna is not what she seems:

No one is showing pictures of his face, no one is showing his face picture, she [expletive] him up…She’s trying to be the victim, and she’s been [expletive] him up for a minute… She stay fighting him all the time…her mouth is wreckless…She stay embarassing him in fromt of people and her mouth is [expletive] reckless. She’s [Rihanna] crazy, she’s [expletive] crazy.

This video comes right after all the publicity from Pleaure P Album Release Party. If you dare you can watch the video below. It is long and it’s a bunch of ramblings, but around the 29:30 mark, she starts talking about the fight between Chris Brown.

WARNING: If you are at work, don’t bother because this young “lady” has a foul mouth. (NSFW)

If anyone defends Chris Brown they are considered condoners of abuse, and that is not true. There are two sides to a story and his side hasn’t come out, yet. I maintian they are both young, and we will probably never know what really happened in that car. What I don’t like is that neither one of them is using this as an opportunity to teach.

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