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Usher & Tameka Were Only Together For 11 Months

This is very upsetting. Bloggers have been called liars, which there are some that lie, but for the most part they have been right on this story from the jump. The couple have issued quotes saying that they were happy and there marriage was good. Usher running around acting like a hero defending a woman that he didn’t even like himself. Then we find out they have been married just long enough to make a second baby.

What’s even more upsetting is all the peace and blessing, and calling on God’s name against the evil press and media, when all along Tameka Foster Raymond knew what was really happening with her marriage. I agree she didn’t get a fair chance, but sometimes people sense things that others can’t. When Usher momma bailed on the union, I knew something was off.

Anyway according to the divorce papers, Usher has been separated from Tameka since July of 2008.  That was a year ago and the couple hasn’t even been married two years, yet. Usher is requesting joint custody of Usher V and Naviyd Ely. The juicy part is Usher claims Tameka has hired a P.I. to follow him, and he wants Tameka to turn over all the documents she’s collected on him. This will turn into a soap opera before the summer is over...


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