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Michael Jackson was a complicated individual, but I don’t know of too may musical geniuses who weren’t. Actually, I don’t know too many individuals who are not. The movie Crash, really help me to see, that the most complicated person is a conflicting mix of greatness and failures. Today it’s important to put this man’s life in perspective because he has grown into a caricature. I argue that we always tease the ones we love, and some of the jokes we told came from a good place, and some of those jokes others told came from a place that was just mean spirited and vile.

Over the last few months I was truly concerned about his health, and the jokes began to stop. I can see how weak he was, and I knew in my heart of hearts the end was near. I just felt it would be a process, where we could grieve, and not a lost in a matter of moments while I’m pumping gas.

I am angry that his handlers were doping him and pushing him to the brink of death, knowing full well Michael was not capable of 50 concerts in his current condition. The people that surround celebrities don’t care about their best interest, they care about the pay checks and favors that come from being a “yes man”. So many pain killing drugs were pushed into his system, perhaps by choice at times, but this time he was not alone.

In my generation he was not a freak show, but a sexy pop icon. You don’t believe me, here is a picture of the Michael Jackson we had a crush on:



Michael Jackson is the most influential man in the world. I would like to say that is an understatement, but his name is Michael Jackson in every language on this earth, and his reach is global. It spans across generations and cultures. I remember seeing him overseas on TV with crowds of people, then he would touch one person, and they would pass out. They fainted from his touch:

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