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The Dream Defends Wife To Be Christina Milian!


( Christina Milian visibly showing off her 5 carat engagement ring)

When news broke that Christina and The Dream hooked up, rumors began circulating that Milian was only f*cking  for tracks (excuse my french) in order to reboot her career. In her defense, fiancee , The Dream had this to say!

“She has a lot of stuff going on in the movie world and actually on TV. Somebody just gave her a lot of bread, and you don’t make enough money in the radio and R&B world, you know when it gets to that particular point. Somebody show up in her house with 10 million [dollars], and then you got a blog full of haters that’s trying to make sure that your sh*t don’t come out, it’s like what you gon’ do? Let me see, Paramount Pictures wants to give me 10 million, or I got to try to beat my head in the ground to prove something to the n*ggas that are going to give me five dollars. You gon’ take that $10 million and ride out. ‘Cause I need a new Phantom, so I want her to take that 10 million.”

Props to him for wanting to defend his woman! However, he could have been a little more tactful and not reveal how much she’s getting paid!

The couple is said to be planning a engagement party to take place in the Bahamas!

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