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It’s Friday, and I’m a little slow on the post today. I know everyone wants to see Tameka Raymond out and about with Usher V and sons at the Imagine That Screening.

I’m not making any new post on Usher and Tameka’s relationship until they release an official statement. I have updated past posts with the news (so do a search), but until Usher says it’s over, I am leaving it alone because at the end of the day he can change his mind.

My problem was with Tameka was using bloggers for publicity, not with her marriage to Usher. Why do bloggers cross the line? Simple: for the publicity and money. If someone crossed the line into my marriage, I would probably cut ’em. (J/K ..I think) I do not want to be known for bashing or crossing the line of professionalism. I will report the news and give my opinion, but not attack.

Usher V is just cutest thing, and so are all the boys.


[Source: Exclusive Access]


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