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Nelly Supports Ashanti At Opening Night Of The Wiz; Meet The Cast

Fact: The Original Broadway Musical The Wiz Opened In 1975

This is a couple that we haven’t seen for a while. I remember a few months ago rumors were circulating that Ashanti was pregnant, and funny it doesn’t look like she’s pregnant to me. Nelly came out Opening Night to support his the leading lady, (playing Dorothy) in the The Wiz. I wasn’t sure if Ashanti could pull off a Dorothy, made famous on Broadway by Stephanie Mills, but I will say I’m interested. Although the reviews were mix, more like not that good, I think overall it’s worth supporting:


Review of Ashanti as Dorothy:

Like the revival itself, the over-the-title R&B diva is hit and miss—a mighty singer with a voice that soars, but a limited actress whose face registers apprehension, delight, anger, whatever, with scarcely a shift in expression.

Hence, Dorothy’s big number, “Home,” which can (and should) be a tear-jerking journey’s end to self-recognition, made for a dry-eyed finale.


Here are a few more pictures of the cast:

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