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Things are definitely getting ugly in the Nas and Kelis divorce proceedings. Several months ago rumors surfaced that there was trouble bruding between the couple, the existence of a sex tape between Kelis and another rapper, Nas’ mistrust and anger toward Kelis. Then Kelis announces that she was pregnant and it seemes, at least  for a while, that all was good in Nas and Kelis land. Not long after the couple seperates and Kelis filed for a divorce.

Now The Daily News is reporting that there may be more to the story. According to the news source Nas has been physically abusive toward Kelis.

It’s bad enough that Nas supposedly threw a glass of Patron in Kelis’ face before abandoning her at a London club, if all the sordid-but-juicy details about their split in The MOST!, Vibe’s new tabloid, are correct. But last week, Nas thought it was a classy idea to post photos of himself partying with groupies on Turks and Caicos— even as his estranged wife sat home, eight months pregnant. Nas’ rep didn’t return our call, and Kelis — who filed for divorce in April — had no comment. But on Thursday, the singer commented for herself on Twitter. “All the s— bag coward husbands and the less-than-impressive sluts unite! You can all go down in flames together! Hooray!”

– The NY Daily News
Man, just when you think it couldn’t get any worst, it did.

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