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June 22, 2009 Chris Brown & Rihanna Set To Appear For Preliminary Court Hearing – Chris Brown Plea Deal

UPDATE 03:49 PM – Chris Brown plea deal? Probation?

UPDATE 03:49 PM – One camera is allowed in the court room, but it’s only an audio feed for the networks to share. Only a sketch artist is allowed to capture pictures.

UPDATE 03:44 PM – Chris Brown is giving the puppy dog eyes, as he hangs his head between his tail. His momma is there to support her baby. Rihanna may already be in the court house, sources say she may be dressed in all black already seated in court, but it hasn’t been confirmed, yet. It is confirmed to be Rihanna, but she will not testify.

UPDATE 03:25 PM – Chris Brown arrives to court while paparazzi calls him names.


UPDATE 02:53 PMThere may be a deal already in place, and Rihanna may not testify. All this hoopla may turn out to be worthless.

UPDATE 02:42 PMIt’s an hour before the trial is set to start and TMZ has set-up a camera in front of the entrance to the court house. The camera will provide live streaming as people enter the building. Maybe we will get a shot of Rihanna.

UPDATE 10:33 AMHearing is scheduled for 1:45 PM (Pacific Time) or 3:45 PM (Central Time)

UPDATE 10:24 AM Media swarm outside of courtroom expected. Fifty-two media outlets have asked to attend the proceeding, far more than were on hand for Paris Hilton’s re-jailing, Britney Spears’ divorce, the DUI cases of Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie or the murder trials of Robert Blake or Phil Spector.

“I’ve never seen this kind of interest, and I’ve been here seven years,” said court spokesman Allan Parachini. [Source]

Today is the day that we may gain some insight  into what happened that cold winter night between the ex-lovers, Chris Brown and Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The assault that took place is now known as Chrihianna Gate, and MrsGrapevine.com will bring you updates straight off the wire.  Over the past few months we have gone back and forth as each camp tried to keep their artist in the media with a series of pr stunts.

Today, Rihanna is set to testify and her testimony will hold the fate of Chris Brown’s criminal future. The questions everyone wants to know will be answered: what’s the other side of the story, did Chris Brown just snap, did Rihanna hit him first, and who was the text message from. Rihanna testimony will decide if there is enough evidence to pursue the charges against Chris Brown.


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