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Juicy Tidbits: Tameka Raymond Twitter Mistake, Ashanti Wiz Reviews, Tameka Divorce A Surprise

UPDATE: Tameka’s “best friend”Nyeisha did an exclusive interview with Essence, and claims Tameka didn’t know Usher was filing for divorce,

She didn’t know that he was going to file. Of course, she knew that there were challenges in their relationship and had been some discord since March and was aware there were some things that needed to be worked through. But did she know that divorce was imminent? No. It was a total surprise.

Tameka Raymond Foster committed a huge twitter mistake, when she accidentally sent Star Jones a tweet that was meant as a Direct Message. In the tweet, Tameka revealed that she was not happy with her divorce lawyer, Randall M. Kessler, and wanted to know if Star Jones had any suggestions. After realizing her mistake, she asked Star Jones to erase it. (This is not the first time this has happened with Ms. Foster.)

@starjonesesq my lawyer= horrible. Need the name/number of a good one in Atlanta.

Please delete this…it was a DM mistake. Not for ppl to see. I’m sorry.


According to Eurweb, The Wiz is struggling to find good reviews to promote the show. Ashanti headlines this version of the 1975 musical, and if you ask me, (no offense Ashanti), that was there first mistake. This is one of my favorite musical and movies of all time, and I would have imagined someone else in the starring role that can match Stephanie Mills chops, perhaps an unknown would have been better. Here are some of the reviews:

-The New York Times’ Charles Isherwood mostly slammed the show, calling it “busily energetic yet full of dead ends” and dismissing Ashanti as “a pretty place-holder, an empty vessel in a sparkly dress.”

-The score constantly lifts up the show,” stated Elisabeth Vincentelli of the New York Post. “Which is good, because this ‘Wiz’ needs major support.”

-While noting standout performances by LaChanze and Tichina Arnold, Reuters’ Frank Scheck deemed the tuner unfit for Broadway, concluding, “This ‘Wiz’ doesn’t exactly make you want to click your heels.”

-Ashanti proves not be a natural theater actor, and, even more surprising, her silvery voice sounds thin and bland against the pros.


To be fair, there were some positive reviews, but most of them involved the production as a whole.

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