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Well well well, let the rumors start all over again, but guess which dynamic duo was seen back together again. Yes, you guessed it Aresnio Hall & Eddi Murphy at the Imagine That movie premier in Los Angeles.


Eddie Murphy brought all of his kids to the premier except for one, the one he shares with Melanie Brown, Angel Iris Murphy, and ironically guess what the movie is about:

Evan (Murphy), a corporate heavy hitter and estranged father to young schoolgirl Olivia (Yara Shahidi), who is being raised by her single mom Trish (Nicole Ari Parker). When Olivia fails to adjust to school because she withdraws into conversations with a blanket called Goo-Gaa that she refuses to part with in class, the unhappy girl is sent to live with her extremely reluctant dad. {source}

Wow he dares to do a movie about a daughter living with her mother, and he is then forced to be apart of the child’s life. Art imitating life or life imitating art…


Anyway on a lighter and more beautiful note, Nicole Ari Parker walked the red carpet in all white. Her former co-star from Soul Food, Vanessa Williams and sons, came out to support Nicole. Sorry no pics of Boris.



Last, but not least meet the little co-star of the movie Yara Shahidi. Although, I’m no longer an Eddie Murphy fan (Jimmy Got Soul), I may take my boys to see this movie and support Black Hollywood.


Check out more pictures from this event below: {Image Source: PR Photos}

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