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Hollywood Trend: Who’s Not Married Amongst These Couples

Which one of these celebrity couples do not have an estranged spouse involved in the mix? In other words who’s not  involved with a married man or woman?

A. Kenyon Martin & Rapper Trina


B. Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union


C. Kimora Lee & Djimon Hounsou


D. Swizz Beats & Alicia Keys


The Answer: All of these couples involve an estranged spouse. Kenyon Martin, Dwayne Wade, Swizz Beats, and Kimora Lee Simmons are all married.

The new Hollywood trend is dating before the ink dries on the divorce paper, and in some cases before the papers are even filed. What’s going on in Hollywood when women, can’t wait until the ink dries before jumping in a relationship with a married man? In the case, of Kimora Lee at least her plans to divorce was publicized before she began dating Djimon Hounsou, but with the other women, they are also the alleged cause of the divorce.

Below are a list of excuses I have heard:

1) It’s okay, the marriage was over anyway: but the marriage isn’t over, and what’s taking these men so long to divorce their spouse. Marriage is over when the courts say it’s over, not when the man proclaims it. I’m sure Swizz Beats is telling Alicia Keys it’s not her fault his marriage is ending, and I’m sure he’s telling Mashonda something else, and only the people in the marriage know the truth.

2) It’s not the other woman’s fault: These are celebrity couples, it just takes some simple googling to find out if these men are married or not. It’s not the woman’s fault when she has been lied to, but when she knows the facts and chose to ignore them, all I can same is, “What goes around comes right back around.”

3) You can’t stop love: You may not be able to stop it, but you can redirect it until after the ink has dried. If it’s real, it will be there after the divorce, too. Then you don’t have to hide from the paparazzi camera when you are seen together, or take two different entrances.

Mind you these are just rumors and alleged relationships, but if they are true my stock in these women have gone down.

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