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Graphic Video: Iranian Woman Killed In Protest June 20, 2009

Saturday in Tehran, Iran and Iranian woman was shot to death, and the event was captured on video and uploaded to youtube.

We have to stand up and show our support for the Iranian Opposition Protest. A young woman was killed today by authorities while exercising her freedom of speech and her right to protest. This video is sad, and very graphic, but it’s reality. Why is it important? Remember what our aunts, uncles, and grandparents went through during the Civil Rights Movement. Well a movement may be on the way in Iran with Mir-Hossein Mousavi supporters, and if you have a voice you need to show your support, and encourage the young leaders to fight for what they believe in.

Warning: Video contains graphic images:

UPDATE: The girl in the video was named Neda. She was only 16 years of age, and was attending the protest with her father. She died from a gun shot wound to the heart fired by a member of the Iranian Basij militia.

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