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According to People Magazine:

When Chris Brown arrived at Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Orlando on Sunday night, fans were shocked to see him arrive with a woman who looked very much like Brown’s on-again, off-again flame Rihanna. Wearing dark sunglasses, the woman sat two seats away from Brown, and often leaned forward to talk to him.
During halftime, a crowd formed around Brown and the woman. A teenage fan got past the bodyguards and took pictures with the couple. “I called her Rihanna and she didn’t contradict me,” says the fan. “She had a faint accent, so I’m pretty sure it’s her.”

This is just a case of “all black people look a like” because no other minority based media thought Chris Brown was trying to play games by bringing a “Rihanna” look a like to the game. Either the mainstream media was trying to create a story where there wasn’t one, or they think brown is brown. It’s obvious to us that the girl in the picture is Teyana Taylor, who has her own style, and is known for having her own style from the jump. SMH! at the faux outrage that Chris Brown is playing games, no TMZ and People Magazine are playing games…



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