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UPDATE: Please don’t feel sorry for Dorion, although he’s acting like he’s so embarrassed.  According to one of my twitter tweeps (tee_baby), this is the second round of photos for Dorian Standberry, yes an email went around last yr with his pics!”. Womp womp womp! I should post them, now, since Dorian wants some attention…

Now, I don’t understand the double standard, but when Cassie and Rihanna’s nude photos were leaked, every site around the world had the photos posted in a matter of minutes. Now, Dorion Standberry (BET College Hill 5), computer and twitter account was hacked, and nude photos of him were released, and no one wants to post them. Is it because no one knows who he is, or because when it comes to men we have a double standard? Anyway, I didn’t post Cassie’s or Rihanna’s photos, and I’m not going to post Dorion’s, but I just thought it was quite odd.

In case anymore photos are leaked, you can follow Dorion on twitter here. If you want the NSFW version, click here:

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