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CNN Presents Black In America 2: Journey For Change

I don’t know if you watched the first part, but I do know CNN received tons of feedback saying there was so much more two being black in America. Soledad O’Brien and CNN decided to do another edition, going more in depth into the different aspect of black lives:

From health to education, CNN’s “Black in America 2” continues to investigate some of the most significant and challenging issues facing African-Americans. Airing on July 22 & 23 at 8PM (ET), host Soledad O’Brien focuses on emerging leaders, innovative community programs and business ventures that are addressing the most persistent and pressing issues and disparities facing African-Americans.

Can a trip half-way around the world help at-risk kids in Brooklyn appreciate what’s at home? Malaak Compton-Rock thinks it can.

On Chicago’s Southside, life expectancy for Black men is 8 years less than the national average. Can Barber shops help?

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