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Candace “Black” Cabrera Is Not Lil Wayne’s Mrs. Officer, Tammy Torres Is

I just got two e-mails asking me if “Black” from Flavor of Love is the video vixen in Lil Wayne’s video Mrs. Officer. I thought those were very random questions, until I saw the pictures of Lil Wayne court side with the real video girl at Necole Bitchie, and now I understand the questions. Well, I’m sorry to say that Candace “Black” Cabrera of Flavor of Love is not the girl in the video.

So who is the girl with Lil Wayne at the NBA finals, that is also featured in the video? According to Necole Bitchie, her name is Tammy Torres. She and Candace Cabreara do resemble from a distance.  Actually it’s hard to tell them apart from most angles, especially the back angle, but Candace is the one with the tattoos. Let me just say it was hard finding a photo of their face.



Anyway, I will let you guess who’s who from the hints, but here is the real Tammy Torres at the NBA finals with Lil Wayne.


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