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So I see the “stalker” buzz is going crazy. It’s seems like every ‘worthy’ celeb has one these days.

Well, Tyrese’s alleged stalker has apparently been sending him crazy messages on his Twitter page like “Now that your wife is finally out of the picture Daddy, it’s my turn…”. Supposedly, the messages started when the stalker identified as ‘Patricia’ heard about Tyrese’s divorce from wife Norma. Tyrese told TMZ:

Honestly, when you make yourself available and people really feel like they’re getting to know you, people just kind of catch feelings and things happen. I think she’s really Looney Tune. I’ve tried everything I can to get her up off me. And now things have gotten legal so I’m just going to let my people do their part. She’s every bit of crazy and Looney Tunes.

I mean, who wouldn’t wouldn’t be interested in this nice piece of chocolate???

Oh, sorry… Got a little carried away.

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