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Juicy Tidbits: Who Still Cares About Rihanna & Chris Brown; I’m Over It!

Today news is swirling about Rihanna going after Chris Brown in her new song Silly Boy, and I’m really like I don’t care. It’s only for the money, if you really wanted to go after him, show up in court, have a summit and talk to teens about abuse, release a statement through your publicist about domestic violence. Instead we get, “Let me see how I can use this to advance my career mentality.” Kanye West who should be a mentor leaks the lyrics. SMH!

Check this out, at the same time Chris Brown’s back-up dancer releases a video calling Rihanna out of her name, and saying she hit Chris Brown first. Once again, who cares?  Chris Brown hasn’t released a statement, hasn’t taken a stance against domestic violence. But, he was quick to deny the rumors that he leaked the nude pics of Rihanna.

Who’s advising these children? At this point that’s what I feel ike they are. Two spoiled children that’s running away from reality, instead using this opportunity as a learning and teaching moment. This is why stars can’t be role models, they will make money off your children, and that’s about it.


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