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Celebrity Couples


OK, seriously, these 2 are really starting to annoy me for some strange reason. I really think it’s because their relationship seems so unreal to me. I guess that’s not for me to determine. Anywho, according to Scandalist, Jennifer was so blown away by the over-the-top romantic proposal from David that she wanted to do the same. She presented David with a 5 carat diamond ring last month personally designed by Hollywood designer Neil Lane. According to Neil:

Jennifer wanted to give him something really special when she asked David to marry her…It was very sentimental and romantic…they are really in love…They were so lovey-dovey and so sweet to each other…e was very protective of her and they are so in love.

OK, that’s enough. I get the point. They are IN LOVE. Neil sees it but I don’t yet.
The date of the wedding and where it will be still hasn’t been disclosed so we’ll just see how this one plays out. Hopefully it will end in matrimony this time for her and not another failed proposal.

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